4 ways to attend...

1. Private Theater

WATCH the show from an INTERACTIVE 4D theater that is LIVE-SYNCED with the stage effects coming from the VR stadium.

RELAX in style here in your personal STADIUM SUITE.

2. Multiplayer World

HANGOUT w/ other people in a 3D WORLD.  Featuring CHAT, GAMES, & the LIVE SHOW on a BIG SCREEN.

CUSTOMIZE your OWN 3D avatar, or upload a selfie to generate one for you.

3. Desktop VR

EXPERIENCE the show in state-of-the-art VIRTUAL REALITY w/ support for full body tracking + PHYSICAL SENSATIONS.

GINDI STADIUM is a MASSIVE virtual complex featuring a crowd of 30,000 NFT spectator PFPs.  It is a state-of-the-art LIVE VIRTUAL PRODUCTION event venue.


4. Watch on Twitch

ENJOY the show like normal.  Baby steps into the metaverse.

We hope to see you IN-WORLD one day!

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Coming Soon

You’re early! We haven’t quite finished this feature yet, but we hope to see you again soon when we’re ready to launch in 2024!