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The Inclusive ISG Metaverse BLASH Avatar Collection

ISG Metaverse is proud to present the BLASH Avatar Collection, crafted by the legendary 3D artist R00T. Renowned for her immersive VR dance entertainment and state-of-the-art avatar creations, R00T brings a distinctive flair to this unique collection.

The BLASH Avatar Collection isn’t just about digital identity; it’s a celebration of individuality, diversity, and inclusion. The collection features two distinctive avatars – Robyn and Julie – each presented in two unique styles.

The Robyn Robot and Robyn Party avatars, both non-binary, and the female avatars Julie Classy and Julie Party, each manifest a blend of creativity and style that is both distinctive and adaptable, ensuring everyone can find an avatar that resonates with their identity.

Beyond their unique looks, the avatars are equipped with exclusive accessories to enrich your VR experience, such as the cutting-edge Blash VR Headset and a robotic arm designed to enhance strength and functionality in the virtual realm.

Built for high fidelity 3D VR, these avatars bring an unmatched level of detail and realism to your digital self, currently usable in Somnium Space VR. They are meticulously designed to stand out in any environment, from virtual gatherings to exploratory ventures into new digital frontiers.

Each BLASH avatar is on the path to becoming an NFT, transforming them into unique assets in the Metaverse’s digital economy. Once these avatars become NFTs, users will have the freedom to trade, sell, or keep them as digital collector’s pieces.

With the ISG Metaverse BLASH Avatar Collection, you’re not just choosing a digital representation, you’re celebrating diversity, embracing the future, and stepping into a virtual universe where the only limit is your imagination.

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