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We are excited to share with you the latest updates on ISG Metaverse and our progress towards revolutionizing the way we interact with the Digital x Physical worlds. I think that you might be interested in the link below, which is a documentary about our participation in NFT NYC 2023 and our “PROOF OF CONCEPT” mixed reality after party. This video explains the interoperability of what we already built, and how it can expand physical to digital interactions with immersive experiences.

One of the most exciting aspects of our platform is its ability to merge the metaverse with real-life environments, such as our after party at the Starchild Rooftop nightclub In New York City. During the event, people from all over the globe gathered inside our digital nightclub and had the opportunity to interact simultaneously with the people attending the actual Physical club. The two way immersive experience streaming in and out of each venue was a huge success. Both communities were truly blown away with excitement from the entertainment the experience provided. The video shows people jumping into our digital nightclub, as we onboarded them to meet with our community inside the metaverse. We believe that this ability to connect people from different parts of the metaverse world and create shared experiences with people in real life is what makes our platform truly unique. The entertainment and monetary potential from this proof of concept event is unlimited.

We are currently working to apply this mixed reality immersive experience to also work with Retailers, live concerts, and Fashion shows as well. We are confident that ISG’s creative and technical applications within their whole metaverse ecosystem, is a true leader in the rapidly growing metaverse industry.

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